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Gerry North is a university qualified and professionally registered counsellor specialising in gay issues in London. He is a mature gay counsellor who has lived life in long-term relationships and as a single identity. Call today to discuss your issues.

Gerry North BEd. Post Grad Dipl Counselling MACA

If you have come to this page you are probably in a place you don’t want to be in right now. It might be about a relationship, grief, an addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, self-worth or a sex matter. Whatever it is you have come to the right place to address it.

I though we could never change our lives after 12 years together but now we are more independent and at the same time more together.

Richard and Ken, Chippendale.

Gay Couple Counselling

If you are bickering, this is the first sign that attending a session of couple counselling will help nip any issues in the bud. Couple counselling is a process with the first 2 weeks on assessment of what is happening from each person’s perspective. The next stage is to understand and process what is not working and what new creative changes can be made to reinvigorate the relationship.

Personal Counselling

Being single in the gay world brings many benefits and challenges. The homosexual landscape contains a minefield of rejection.  It is easy to become lost and bewildered by the gay scene. Gerry does not use only one modality and he will work with you to find the clarity you are searching for. The positive relationship is vital to your recovery & Gerry looks forward to sitting with you.

Addiction Counselling

Gambling, sex, drug and alcohol addictions are very common in our society because it is so easily available and our brains are vulnerable to repeating compulsive behaviours. Understanding where it came from and why it needs to stop provides the answers to a cure. Gerry has the compassion and sensitivity to help you through this process towards a more healthy relationship with these temptations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work done together. I feel like a completely different person and others are saying the same. I couldn’t have done it without your calm and understanding nature, which made an embarrassing situation easier to handle.

Steve 2015

Depression Counselling

Depression is usually caused by unspoken and unresolved past traumas experienced in childhood and beyond. Anxiety is based on fear of the future. Both these mental health states can ruin happy lives and pass pain onto loved ones. Counselling to change damaging thoughts (CBT) and giving voice to unspoken past events can lift the veil of depression and anxiety. Gerry can help you through these mental states to a peaceful state of mind.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is an awful feeling and our minds can create all sorts of negative imagined scenarios. The best way to deal with anxiety is to understand it and confront it. The truth is when we get to the place or event that brings up these feelings of anxiety, we deal with it so much better. Gerry can guide you through this process in a calm and supportive manner that allows you to move on from these negative feelings.

Sex Therapy

Sitting with a mature therapist who understands sex concerns, in a strictly confidential environment, can greatly reduce the anxiety around these issues. Sexual confidence is complicated with many unrealistic expectations on what is normal. Adding to this, common dysfunctions such as: premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, loss of desire, painful intercourse or couple intimacy issues are rarely openly discussed.